Denver Music Community COVID-19 Resource Packet

Updated: Apr 18

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COVID-19 & Emergency Preparedness

Resource File

For Denver, CO and Surrounding Areas <-Click for Live Data

Target Range: Unemployed and At-Risk Entertainment Industry Workers

Social Distancing is KEY! Do Your Part

*As per citywide mandate, Denver is now on a quarantine and curfew each day at 5 PM for everything but essential services.

Businesses Allowed to operate include: Dispensaries, Mechanical, Banks, Grocery and Liquor Stores, and Restaurants: (Delivery Only).


If you MUST go out, wear an n95 mask and /or gloves. Consider staying 10 feet or more away from the next person, six feet in lines (these will be marked with blue tape). Keep outdoor activities to your familiar neighborhood. Avoid travel except where necessary. (Visiting family, work, etc.)

Move ALL Events Online.

Twitch and Facebook currently seem to be the most popular streaming platforms. Twitch seems to have better bandwidth for Live streaming. Youtube Live is also an option. There are many pay for service online streaming fees. There are events online every day being streamed collecting donations for artists. Make sure each artist is correctly branded in your window, and that their donate links are clearly visible, for help getting set up on a Live Stream, call us!

Use Zoom for free P2P Business chat!


The job market is going to be a bit unstable for awhile. Think, probably worse than the 2008 Recession, but in specific sectors. Avoid jobs with high person to person contact numbers. Consider joining “essential” services such as medical, infrastructure, energy, mechanical (all automotive jobs are currently safe), etc. Jobs in restaurants are being cut roughly in half, but most grocery and big box store outlets are hiring and seriously understaffed currently.

Find jobs on Indeed

Colorado Workforce Center Has Hiring events all the time! These may be digital now, but you can always locate them on their job boards online.

Facebook Jobs is also an excellent local resource for who is hiring.

Be Patient! As many businesses adjust to the new way of doing things, many may be on a hiring freeze. Use this time to generate a portfolio or update your resume!

Our staff at Fam BAM is always happy to give industry resumes a look-see.

Turn your Hobby into your Side Gig! We are currently seeing much success in the online jewelry, clothing, beat production, and small business services through retail portals like Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, etc as people are forced to stay home to prevent the spread. Do your part and work from home. This could be the start of you owning your own business.

Food: Consider Using (and working for) Weekly Farmer’s Markets to prevent Shortages. Most Farmers’s Markets will Open in April. Be ready! There will be lines.

Farmers Market (Comprehensive List):

Consider joining a CSA or local food Co-Op for long term food share. You donate a portion of your time each month and in term receive supplies, or for a fee:

Denver Area Food Banks:


Supplement your Immune System! Now is the time to start a Vitamin regimen!

Cheap vitamin supplements can be found anywhere. Some is better than none.

Target Vitamin Groups: B’s, D’s, Alpha-Lineolic AcId (w/ doc recommendation), C,

**Zinc is known to fight viruses by temporarily raising body temp and Calcium supplements support healthy bone structure which lead to healthy white blood cell formation.


Instead of buying small bottles of water. Use a large water bottle system or install a filtration system:

Filtration Straws:

Large Bottle Water Dispenser Systems

Portable Water Bottles instead of Disposable

If possible: Install a cheap water Filtration system in your home.


For Those Without or in Unstable Housing

Consider taking in At-Risk Friends & Family Members if you can

Being on the streets spreads Contagion

Homeless Housing Resources:

Avoid Communal Housing if Not At-Risk

Public Restrooms: Currently Closed til April 26th

Public Showers: Currently Closed til April 26th

Toilet Paper and Sundries:

Office Depot, Staple, Home Depot and Office Supply Chains online often have these for offices. Also consider using Hotel and Restaurant Ordering Outlets like

Consider Installing a Bidet :

How to make a bidet: How to transform your toilet into a bidet in less than 30 mins!

Hand Sanitizer // Cleaning Supplies

Make Your Own! How To Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer | Dr. Ian Smith

Use Peroxide

Vinegar works on Microbes. Removes lipid layer of virus

Antibacterial Substances DO NOT work on Viruses

Many Baby Wipes & Kleenex are now antiviral. Look for packages with the blue dots on them.

Become a Volunteer!

Stay Busy and Help Others During the Crisis!

Join the Disaster Response Team! Contact your local Government:


Consider Assisting in Medical Work or Community Elder Care:

Become a Meals On Wheels Driver:

Comprehensive List of Local Hospitals in Colorado

CDC Updates & Info on Virus Spread and Preventative Practices

Up To The Minute Updates on COVID-19 in the US

CDC Prevention Measures Sheet:

Supply Lists:


Mental Health:

Talk to your friends & family.

Don’t Completely Isolate, Just Don’t Touch!

Catch Up on Hobbies or Things that you Love!

E-Therapy: has online therapists ready to go!

Backline is Mental Health Resources Specifically for Musicians!

Join Us! Sign the Petition for Federal Aid for Entertainment Workers during COVID-19!

Taking One Hour to Talk with Family & Friends and Come Up With a Plan Can Save You a Huge Headache in the Future!

Rock On Denver! 🤟🏽


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