Updated: Jun 25

So you're a local artist and want to get booked at bigger venues. You need an EPK! What is that? An Electronic Press Kit is like your digital passport, detailing all your musical talents and travels to a talent buyer at a venue. It is usually a one to three pge PDF or set of image files detailing the credits you have under your belt, and having all your social media links and any press you've gotten, all in one place! But all EPKs are not created the same.

Visual has taken over the wordy, and interactive is the way to go on the web these days. Fam BAM's marketing team receives dozens of EPKs a year, and we know what works best to ge tyou booked! For the beginning fee of $100, we will top to bottom design your EPK from anything from a Handy Cell Phone style digital business card (Starts at $75) to a full, multipage document (Usually $200) that can be used for festival submissions, or anything in between. See the chart below for pricing options.

Basic Business Card Style: $100

2 Page (no photo work): $150

3 Page (Full Photos Incl: $300

Add a photo shoot: $50 for ea 30 min

*Typical Photo Shoots last an hour and do two styles/locations.

**All rights retained by subject

Once interested, shoot us an email and fill out our "EPK Creation" form. We'll contact you within 24 hours to go over your specs.

We also do Photography! An good EPK requires high quality artists photos. Send us what you have from your biggest showcase, or we can book a quick and easy 30 minute shoot for an extra fee of $100. Most of our artists choose to do their photography and graphic design with our in-house team. With combined over 30 years of experience in the music and digital media design business, we know how to get you results!

Once you're satisfied with your EPK, ask us about our full scale Marketing, Artist Management, and Booking Services.


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