If we haven't posted to our blog for awhile, it's because FamBAM Productions has been out on the ground, in the streets with the beautiful people of Denver, CO and lands beyond, participating in Community Enrichment Projects and Local Commmunity-Based Acitivism.

After the necessary hiatus of events due to COVID-19 as the State of Colorado tentatively reopens, look for us to host a "POC in EDM" themed educational small show at Your Mom's House on July 5th. Name and artists drop this weekend. If you would like to be involved, either as an artist or as Street Team, please contact FOH Mari Bonhomme or CEO Adrian Garcia. Tickets will cost $20 at the door and about half of proceeds will go to the local Black Lives Matter 5280 Donation Portal. If you are looking to donate other ways, either time, money, or as a volunteer, please check out Black Lives Matter 5280 DIRECTLY, as fake portals have been set up.

Miss us? You can catch the Fam BAM team out in the Community! CEO Adrian, a member of Green Latinos, is in the process of acquiring a venue to host community events and love shows in which to teach more about social justice reform. If you know of one that is available for use please Contact Us!


We are also volunteering with the City of Aurora at their Food Bank. If you'd like to help the Food Bank of the Rockies, you may drop off provisions in the front, or join the car line to receive a box of food in the back. Our FOH also has been delivering food and medical supplies gifted from both private individuals AND the Action Center in Lakewood to the homeless who live currently on the protest sites.


If you go down to marches, PLEASE be aware that the Capitol Hill Area is home to many homeless. Pick up your trash, watch where you are in their space, bring water and extra supplies as their daily routine has been severely affected by the protests, though many are in support and many are Veterans. Allyship requires empathy, and attention to detail and the Movement will not succeed if the most vulnerable of our community are swept by the wayside. Contact Mari Bonhomme for Med Supply and Food drop locations. Drivers are also at times needed.

For the POC and allies in our Community, we are looking into hosting Self Defense Classes in Denver. Inquire with Adrian directly for details or to get involved! We will be teaching a number of Self Defense skills and Tips & Tricks for Safe, Effective Peaceful Protesting, as well as just General Self Defence. Want to help us start up classes? Inquire on our w


*Note: Fam BAM does not support or promote any rioting or looting of ANY local businesses whatsoever, and recently has acted as security at Denver's Bourbon Grill (a local institituion of the community), but is committed to using our platform to voice Equality, Education and Change for all marginalized groups. If you'd like to teach a class, we are especially looking for Women's Self Defense Instructors.

Fam BAM and #BlackLivesMatter

Fam BAM with the assistance of CEO of Mint Audio Denver Paul Padilla, Jr. recently teamed up with the Latinx Community to lead the Brown Pride for Black Lives Matter Protest and Rally last weekend (see photos). Attendance was over 1K at the Capital and Marching to the Courthouse on a beautiful day downtown.

We are working with local Community Activists and Denver Businesses in the Denver Black-Owned Business Directory, as well as individuals and students in organizing Peaceful Marches, Community Events, and will begin historic movie screenings next month, beginning with The Black Panthers: Vanguard of A Revolution screening, a PBS biopic the details the strengths and pitfalls of BLMs predecessor, the Black Panther Party, in order to better educate our friends and allies who wish to join the Movement of the history of Civil Rights, acquaint Denver with POC-centered film, and promote Community and Networking during these trying times.

Upcoming Fam BAM Events

All our events through the rest of the year will operate at 25-50% Capacity as per State regulations, and will employ Social Distancing methods, as well as have hand sanitizer and extra masks available if you would like to attend.

We are still available for Music Video Production, Individual Artist Promotion, etc. as per the menu on our website.

We are taking inquiries for the rental of Silent Disco headsets (with new cleaning protocols for COVID19) for the rest of the year, with headset orders numbering based upon the size of the space available. If you'd like to team up with us for an event, Silent Disco is an EXCELLENT option during these times to get music out there without noise violations, and encourages social distancing as it removes the need to crowd near speaker systems. We boast 250 headsets total (not available for rent in those numbers yet), 3 channels, and can staff and promote as well, for a nominal fee.

There are so many ways to get involved in all the exciting things happening in Denver and our Team is dedicated to keeping Denver united as One Family, Building a Movement.

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