MKTING & Artist Management by Fam BAM Productions

Did you catch our Mirus Gallery Takeovers? Or perhaps our takeover at LVL/Temple Denver (recently named best Gallery of Denver 2019!) with Reverb Productions And want to play a show with us? In conjunction with Reverb Productions, Oracle Media Solutions of Colorado (local promoter Mari Bonhomme's outfit) and multitude of local production groups and collectives, Fam BAM has the network to get you booked in Denver, and beyond. While applications for shows before August 2020 are curently on hold due to the Coronavirus threat (Stay Home, Fam!), we are tentatively considering taking artist submissions on a limited basis for dates.

Our Services Include:

Booking: 10% goes to house (industry STD plus taxes).

Festival Bookings: 15% up front. Deposits Required.

Full Scale Artist Management: Starts at $300 monthly.

Recording // Mastering: Available at Mint Audio Denver

Our Artist Management Team currently Includes CEO Adrian Garcia, a noted 20 year businessman, hip hop event curator, photographer, and Co-Owner of Mint Studios Denver, the founder of Fam BAM and all around man -about town in both Denver and San Jose California,


Mari Bonhomme, 8 Year Digital Marketing and Social Media Specialist and private promoter in Denver and on the festival curcuit, focusing primarily on EDM Artists and EDM genres. Mari participates at a grass roots level with artists in all the local Denver venues, and is currently FOH for Fam BAM.


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