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How to Get Involved with the COVID-19 Response

Denver, CO and areas beyond What do you get when you cross a global pandemic, an unflatteringly crushed music & entertainment industry, tens of thousands of out of work burners, production techs, Site and Behind-The-Scenes Ops workers and delayed small business bailouts? Opportunity. In the past two months, thousands of un, or underemployed industry workers have shifted their focus, and come together as only the music industry can, to do what we do best: Building a bunch of really cool, really big stuff, with little to no notice, in really unsafe conditions. Below is a not-at-all-comprehensive list of positions available, Healthcare Response Assistance needed, and cool startup projects that are saving the world, one city at a time, during these uncertain times. 

Burners Are Saving The Scene - Site Ops Becomes Disaster Relief Management & More

Positions that were traditionally requiring government level clearances and years of training are now being passed down to Site Ops Managers, Security Personnel, and those experienced in Onsite Medical Coordination Around the country! Here are some options and businesses that are currently in operation:

Billboard on the Music Industry Response

Team EIR is Hiring Site Ops and Experiences Personnell

Burners Without Boundaries Hires Experienced Festival Staff

Denver Westword: Local Company Delivers Cannabis for COVID relief

The Global Hack

Colorado Emergency Management Jobs (Indeed)

Denver Delivered is Hiring Drivers

Fam BAM Productions: Family, Building A Movement.

FamBAM is dedicated to seeing our community not only survive, but THRIVE during this pandemic crisis. Stay tuned to our blog for industry job updates, the updated Resource Packet, and information about our upcoming Livestream Fundraiser for COVID-19 Relief for Musicians and Artists.

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