Updated COVID19 Protocols

As per CDC and WHO guidelines, as well as those provided by the State of Colorado, FamBAM Productions has implemented the following protocols to ensure safety at all events. Our updated processes for all events during COVID19 are as follows.

-All staff will consistently wear masks covering the nose and mouth, and maintain a 6ft perimeter. All artists will be encouraged to limit any entourage and staff to minimize risk at events.

-All event spaces indoors will have an absolute maximum capacity of 40 persons. 

-All indoor events will require a minimum 6ft distance between all persons, or have assigned seating.

-All surfaces, headsets, equipment, floors, etc in all event spaces will be cleaned DAILY with disinfecting solution.

-Solutions used are the government recommended 1 parts bleach, 5 parts water used in childcare and hospital facilities, OR Lysol OR Clorox (or similar products). 

-Any food handling shall require the use of masks, face shields, and gloves, and only one person per station. 

-Spaces will be cleaned both before and after all events by masked staff, with gloves. 

-Hand sanitizer shall be available at all locations. 

-Staff, Patrons, AND artists' temperatures will be checked upon entry with remote thermometer at all locations. No entry shall be allowed to any persons registering a temperature higher than 98.6, or who have come in close contact with anyone who has COVID, or has any flulike symptoms. No exceptions. 

-Headsets for Silent Discos will continue to be cleaned both before and after each Silent Disco, one per person, and no sharing of headsets will be allowed. 

-Silent Disco is a GREAT, easy-to-set-up way to social distance any event, such as a Drive-In Concert, and prevent contamination and crowding. FamBAM has 3 long-distance transmitters and over 250 headsets. To reserve, click here.


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