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Beginning in Hip Hop and R&B, spreading our wings into Denver's legendary EDM scene and club nightlife, you can find the following of Fam BAM's artists on stages all over town. We handle everything from booking, to social media, to full artist management for any of those on our roster. If you are an aspiring emcee and would like to join us, please select one of the Artist Services below. 

Paul Junior


EPK Packages

Start @ $100

Want to record your own sounds from the comfort and convenience of a professional Recording Studio? Reserve your next Recording session with us and get access to all of our state-of-the-art equipment and studio space. Contact us to find out more about our Recording rates and availabilities. Don’t wait too long, our calendar fills up fast.

Artist Management

Starts At $400 per Month

Need help with Social Media? Getting bookings? How about streamlining your brand? Let us do the complicated work of managing your presence as an artists, both online nd in the world, for you.

Artist Contracts


It is super important to protect yourself as an artist in a fast-paced industry. Once your EPK is done, if you opt out of full managment services, check out our great contract templates. Our contrcts are iron clad and EZ to use, customized for each artist or situation. Even if you self manage lat'e make sure you get paid!

Artist Submission Forms

Please make sure all files are submitted for each order! 

If you are already a Fam BAM Artist and need to generate a new contract or upload your logo or EPK we have on file, please use the first two buttons. IF you are an ASPIRING Fam BAM fam artist, use "Upload Artist Files" or submit to have us do an EPK for you. Feel free to contact at the form below for any questions. Looking forward to working with you! 

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